How to Select Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers would often be your option if you are holding an event with this mission in mind: to gather people together in your organization to achieve goals through the use of inspiring and influential resource speakers. These speakers set the tone of the event and they allow you to make your agenda move forward by making the audience think with a single mind. They positively influence your audience during the entire event and even beyond, with the goals that you are trying to instill on them. With the right keynote speakers, you make sure that the goals that you are trying to make them keep in mind will say with them when they go back to work.

However, choosing the right speakers is shrouded with great mystery. Managers and event organizers from human resources often choose them for the sake of formality, and sticking to the program that they are so used to create. Most of the time, people dismiss the selection of speakers as unimportant. If you want that opening or main act to be effective, you have to understand the types of speakers that you will meet, and how you can use them the right way whenever you hold a conference or a seminar.

The General Speaker

MotivationAs the name implies, these keynote speakers are those who are engaging, interesting, and influential, but they tend to cover general topics like achieving success. You choose them because of their celebrity status as a successful book author or a top graduate in the business school. You may expect them to deliver the same speech you have heard the previous year, but they tend to do a great job in making hundreds of people attend your event and inspire them.

You choose these speakers when you need to motivate people to be a part of a specific mission, or when you are trying to find out if a new market in your endeavors is available. If you want them to commit to a specific action, you may need to choose another type of speaker.

The Expert

These keynote speakers make an excellent follow up to the General Speaker because they feed the audience the information that they need to address a particular situation. They have the research that your audience needs to achieve the goals that you have discussed in the previous seminar, and they make expert guides in order to push people in the right direction.

However, you need to understand that these speakers are hired because they can report their knowledge, but they do not often come in the form of motivators. They work in order to make sure that your people are informed about their company’s product, but if you want people to follow instructions and become motivated at the same time, you may want to take a chance in the next type of speaker.

The Campaigner

These speakers work like the combination of the previous two speakers – they have the great skills of the Generalist when it comes to motivating and pushing people, but they also have extreme knowledge for the topic at hand, just like the Expert. They are polished and very articulate when it comes to addressing their audience, just like how you would expect your company’s executives. These speakers are those who believe that their main job is to make the event work for your benefit – not for their company or their personal success, but yours.

However, you are not likely to find these speakers available for free – their services can be expensive because their speeches are not free-for-all – they make sure that no matter how common the theme is, they target your specific audience. If you want a person that can tackle issues confidently and move your people with maximum impact, the Campaigner is the one you need to look for.

Your keynote speaker selection is one of the most important elements in a successful meeting.