Lessons You Can Learn From The Traffic A SEO Company Brings You

July 17th, 2014

The most dangerous thing that you can do when launching a website is ignore the need for marketing. Internet marketing is an absolute that you need to work within or you will end up losing out in the future. The problem with thinking that you can conquer your niche without the help that is available through a variety of sources is that you will end up running into the same issues that others run into, a plateau of internet marketing failures. From backlink generation, to hacking, you will end up having to traverse some rocky roads to get to a point where you are able to generate some nifty traffic, and that’s something that you will have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out. You may not think anything of this, but there are some lessons to be learned from hiring a SEO company in today’s modern internet framework. With the right elements in place, you will be able to not only gain long term traffic, but you will see your audience grow by leaps and bounds, fast.

Focusing On The Right Things First:

The first thing that you will find is focused on when hiring a professional grade service is the existing framework of what you have set up on your page. You will notice that there are a lot of different elements that you need to work within in order to gain traction online for any niche. You may not think that you need more than content, as people keep talking about how content is king, but you will definitely see that there are things that benefit your future and things that are detrimental.

Focusing on the right things first may entail doing an audit of your pages. This takes time to look into and it is basically a checklist of all the different things that search engines check for to rank your site. You will find that some people think that there are no less than 200 different things that search engine algorithms check for when working within the world of optimization. Without an audit of what you have and where you want to go, you’re going to be left behind. This goes into the strategy that is needed to get noticed within search engines.

Without A Strategy, Your Marketing Is Useless:

The one thing that people are surprised to learn about search engine optimization is simple, it is not just one thing. You will not be able to put the idea of optimization into a basket and just do one thing for the ultimate experience within the world of marketing. You will find that you have to work with many pieces, and that requires a strategy. If you’re not sure about this, then consider the fact that there are 15 types of content that you may be able to work through to your way to ultimate SEO dominance. That’s right, 15 different types of content that are available to master within the framework of optimization as it is defined today. That doesn’t sound like something that is going to be fun for the average person to master, which is why strategic picking and choosing of the bigger picture is needed to succeed in this world.

Not All Traffic Is Wanted or Needed:

When clients approach any major SEO company they seem to want one thing all the time, traffic. This is a good starting point, but you don’t just want traffic, as that’s going to cause a great deal of problems. The first major that you will realize about this is that you will want to determine a demographic. For instance, if you’re selling horror themed books, do you really want children to pick them up? Not only that, would you want conservative groups to get targeted? Of course not, you want to target a certain scope of the internet and isolate the kind of traffic that will help you build a business solution for the future. It’s with that type of framework in mind that you need to focus on building the right kind of implementation system and strategy. Without the right kind of traffic, you will just have empty hits. There’s nothing worse online than having a ton of traffic that seems to fall short of converting to your call to action. Think about that for a moment. If you had an ecommerce store and had 100,000 hits coming to you monthly, but you didn’t make 1 solitary sale, there would be a problem, right? That’s the type of issue that you’re going to find yourself in if you don’t hire a professional grade solution for the internet marketing that you need to get done online today.

Don’t Be Fooled By Hubris:

At the end of the day, you will want to figure out what you can learn from a SEO company. The aforementioned are a few things that you can learn, but only if you hire the right kind of company. Not all professionals within the world of marketing today will be able to help you create the market share that you want, and that’s where things start to unravel. Take your time, be patient, and find the “right” company to work with, lest you miss out on the important lessons mentioned above.

Finding the Golf Ball That Suits You

June 19th, 2014

People who like trying different things live by the saying “beginner’s luck.” Golfing, like any other sport, requires focus, precision and practice. The term beginner’s luck might hardly work here because this sport involves an open field and considers the power of your stance. It might seem easy to take a swing but when you’re just starting to get the hang of this sport, there is a high possibility your ball will end up in the woods or in the water.
To make your golfing experience fun and educational, you must search for the best tips from real-life golfers, from books, TV shows, or the Internet. Also, if you’re just beginning a rookie golfer hoping for the best aim possible, it is better to be practical with the materials that you use. You don’t want to keep losing golf balls at every round and end up buying the same ones.

However, if you’re a dedicated golf trainee and you have saved up for this experience, you can spend your savings on some golfing essentials that will be worth the time and the fun.
Here are some of the things that golfers should consider when collecting their golfing must-haves:

Look for used golf balls

Again, the chance that you’ll lose your ball during your first hit is a sure catastrophe. It is very advisable that you stay away from buying expensive golf ball. Talk to golfers and ask if they can lend you a couple of used golf balls so you’ll save yourself from the regret that will come if you make a bad hit. If the golfer asks you to purchase it from him, then bargain up to the lowest price that you can make.

You can also try going online to see if there are people selling their used golf balls and other golfing materials for a lower price. It is only rational for a first timer to cheap out on their golfing needs so you can invest for your future in golfing. Purchase cheaper golf balls and golf club sets so you can save for a ball retriever. Ball retrievers can often lead you to find other used balls in the water or in the woods so you’ll have more resources in the long run.

Some golf courses have shops which sell cheaper golf balls that they retrieve along the perimeter of their field. Visit these shops and you’ll be surprised by the number of cheaper second-hand balls that you can get from them.

Get Logo Golf Balls

If you are the type of sentimental rookie who holds everything you do dearly, you can try having notable brands custom design your golf balls set according to your preference. If you have an important emblem or logo that you want plastered on your stuff, go visit sports outlets that allow you to put your trademark on your golfing materials.

Golf balls with personal logos make it easier for a golfer to determine your ball from other people’s ball. It also highlights your personality and adds uniqueness to your experience.

Have a Customized Golf Ball

If a logo golf ball brings creativeness to your golfing essentials, customized golf balls can give the same singularity to other golfers who are dear to you. Customized golf balls are perfect gifts to a loved one who shares the same excitement and passion to golfing as you.

Not only customized golf ball bring attention to your golfing needs, they can also give other people a sense of how you present yourself in the golf course. This idea might even inspire other golfers near you to have their own stuff customized as well.

A lot of golfing brands add prints and patterns to golf ball for a specific price. If you’re going to have your golfer’s bag customized, make sure that the design you give them is precise.

Just because golfing requires full concentration doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the fun that comes with it. Be adventurous with your experience for a more memorable golfing time.

Baseball Fans and Baseball Pins

June 19th, 2014

What proper baseball fan wouldn’t want a memorabilia of their favorite team? Baseball pins are a great way to show off your support and adoration to teams in baseball. It is also a fun way to have fans and players alike to interact and become more involved in the sport. This is possible by trading these pins – usually in tournaments or other events, related to baseball or otherwise. These pins also make wonderful accessories.

For fans, their favorite<team’s name and logo on shirts, hats, and other clothing item they are wearing is a crowning glory. Besides being worn as accessories, these pins also make good collector’s item. They are colorful and eye-catching on clothes as well as on display. Trading these pins is a fun and easy way to initiate social interactions – meeting new people and adding to your collection.

Boring hats and clothes can be made more interesting by pins. Because of the team logo and/or team name, these pins can attract other baseball enthusiasts. They can even be great conversation pieces – imagine bumping into a stranger and they turn out to be a fan of your favorite baseball team!

Baseball pins are not only artistically designed and wonderfully made, they also have sentimental values in a way. Each pin has a story to tell, a person to touch. People – fans and players – know these stories and they connect to each other because of these. Each pin does not only have a team logo and team name. They have years of history behind them. For players, their logo and name define who they are in baseball. It’s their identity. For fans, it is the banner they have rallied for and will continue to support until they reach their midlife crisis years. Collectors and traders have what other people in the world don’t – they have this emotional attachment to objects that carry a certain sentimental value.

For a baseball enthusiast, having a collection filled with a variety of pins – from different teams and even different countries – is a dream come true. It enhances the experience of baseball, even for those who do not play the game itself but highly enjoy the thrill brought about by the field of dreams. Even players who consider themselves fan of the game can enjoy collecting and trading with other players. Trading of baseball pins is therefore an always present event in any baseball tournament.

People of all ages, gender, race, and even socio-economic status can get into baseball pin trading. The fun is only limited to love of baseball; not your location nor how much you have on you. This is because baseball pins are very cheap and very easy to acquire. There are shops that create custom pins for very reasonable prices. Some of them can even be found online, diminishing the hassle of having to travel and visit the shops yourself. Trading pins is not an expensive hobby to have. That is why even children find pin trading as enjoyable as their adult counterparts. It is a great way for kids to meet other kids. Socializing is an integral part of childhood. What better way to socialize than with people your age and people who share your enthusiasm with baseball?

The only requirement for getting into baseball pins is the love of baseball and a certain level of dedication. There is no age requirement and money (or the lack thereof) is not much of a hindrance. Hours of priceless social interactions and personal enjoyment can be obtained from trading pins no matter who you are, where you came from, and which team you are rooting for.

How to Do PCB Fabrication?

May 7th, 2014
Before it is stuffed with components such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors, a printed circuit board must first be formed from the base board (substrate) and the copper foil above it that bears the printed circuit design. There are many variations of PCB fabrication, but the following will tell you all about the basic steps that are involved in making PCBs.

Before the actual PCB fabrication, intricate pre-planning must be done first. Three important documents must be prepared: the schematic diagram, the bill of materials, and the data sheets of all components to be used. The schematic diagram is the blueprint in which the actual PCB will be made, showing all the necessary connections and the components to be mounted. The bill of materials is simply the list of all components to be used. Each component is represented by its own reference designator that must correspond to the one plotted in the schematic diagram, as well as a brief description with specifications. The data sheet contains everything one needs to know about the component and can be usually acquired from the component’s manufacturer, whether a hard copy or a document downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Next, both the blank PCB and the required components must be acquired. The blank PCB contains two things: the base material, or the substrate, and the conductive copper foil. One thing to keep in mind: the thicker the foil, the greater the amount of current can circulate throughout the PCB. There are three types of foil layering: the single side laminate, the double side laminate, and the multi-layered laminate. As the foil layers multiply, so does the complication of the PCB’s functions. Furthermore, mounting components on double side and multi-layered PCBs is slightly different from mounting components on single side PCBs.

Based on the three documents, the actual PCB pattern is then actually designed. The design part of PCB fabrication is traditionally done by hand using markers and dry transfers; but nowadays, CAD (computer-aided design) software can be used instead. For starters, free PCB-centric CAD programs such as Easy-PC, Switcher CAD III (also known as LT-SPICE), and FREE-PCB can be downloaded online and used. Once the pattern is finalized, it is then printed onto a special type of paper. The resultant printed pattern is called the mask.

Depending on the layering, the copper foil is sprayed with a light-sensitive film, which is called the resist. The mask is then placed on top of a transparent overlay, which is then placed directly over the resist. The sandwiched board containing the mask, the overlay, and the resist is then exposed to light, usually via UV lamps, for a few minutes.

After the exposure, the mask and overlay are peeled off. The board is then dipped into a developer solution that dissolves the resist that was not exposed to light.

The board is then submerged into another solution called the etchant, which does the actual etching of the PCB by dissolving all portions of the foil not protected by the resist. Etchants are usually toxic substances and should be handled with care.

Once the unneeded copper is completely dissolved, the etching is complete. The resist is then removed from the foil pattern to finally complete the entire PCB fabrication process.

One thing to note during the production of a PCB is that the board itself must be free of any dirt and oxidization or rusting. Even a single fingerprint will contaminate a PCB. It is therefore advisable to never touch it, especially the foil. Furthermore, copper can rust after a few months of neglect. Tin plating is an effective way to prevent the oxidization of copper.

The Divorce Process: Divorce Lawyers from Utah to Guide You from Separation to Settlement

April 22nd, 2014

Divorce can be a lot to take in for anyone who goes into them, but there is a way to make it a little bit less stressful. Before getting into the process itself, let’s go deeper into what a divorce is.

Types of Divorce

When talking about divorce, it’s best to start with the types of divorce. A divorce can typically fall between two types: fault or no-fault. A fault divorce is what people consider to be the traditional kind of divorce. In this type, one party in the marriage must have done something wrong for there to be a “failure of marriage.” These faults will be “grounds for divorce.” Among those that are often given as reasons for the divorce include adultery, confinement in prison, desertion, physical or mental abuse/cruelty, physical incapacity (for sexual intercourse), and incurable insanity.

Fault divorce is fairly difficult to get into, since the person who wants the divorce has to find a reason for the divorce. On the other hand, the person who doesn’t want the divorce to happen needs to do the exact opposite: deny the claim made by their spouse.

No-fault divorce, on the other hand, is a bit more simplistic. A no-fault divorce can happen when only the incompatibilities or irreconcilable differences are taken into consideration for their marriage to be dissolved. No explanation or proof of the problem is necessary; you don’t even need your spouse’s consent for the divorce in most states.

The Divorce Process

As far as the process is concerned, it can go two ways: contested or uncontested. According one website, here’s what constitutes an uncontested divorce:

  • If one party does not respond to the spouse’s filing for divorce. The failure of one spouse to respond to the other spouse’s disposition on the division of marital property and debts and child support, alimony and child-custody issues also have the same results.
  • If one party doesn't legally dispute the spouse's decisions
  • Agrees on every detail (also referred to as a divorce by agreement)

If the couple disagrees on just one of the conditions for divorce, then it becomes contested and things get a bit testy, leading to fiascos that might or might not end well for both parties concerned.

There are also several ways to get a divorce: through litigation, mediation, or collaborative-law. Each has its own pros and cons, as well as having its own costs. Litigated divorce involves one spouse filing a complaint, and then each person getting their own divorce lawyers in Utah to act on their behalf during the divorce process.

Mediated divorce involves just one divorce lawyerand the couple themselves discussing the terms of the divorce. It’s still like a litigated divorce, but this is a lot less messy.

Collaborative-law divorce is relatively new, though. It’s less like the previous processes stated, since it involves the lawyers of both parties to focus more on the settlement.

Although fairly complex, there is a simple flow to how the divorce process works:

  • Separation
  • Filing the complaint for divorce
  • Serve spouse with the complaint
  • Spouse responds
  • Temporary hearing
  • Discovery
  • Settlement
  • Temporary or permanent settlement
  • Trial (optional)

First step: separation. Just like your normal teen break-up, in order to be declared divorced you need separation. It could be just a phase to see if a divorce is really necessary, but for those couples who are really intent on getting divorced, this is the first step.

After being separated, you can then file a petition. You can go and file the petition yourself, or you can get divorce lawyers in Utah. Though you can save money by doing it yourself, it’s best to get divorce lawyers in Utahsince you may have legal questions about the divorce process, which will not be answered by court personnel, no matter how much you bribe or yell at them.

Once filed, your spouse then gets notified. This is where the contested versus uncontested factor comes in. Once you serve the complaint, you can get your spouse to sign a Voluntary Appearance document, respond formally, or file an answer to your complaint. If your spouse chooses to sign a voluntary appearance, or does not respond to the complaint after a certain amount of time, your spouse basically agrees to the divorce and it becomes uncontested and you can go straight into agreement with your spouse.

If, however, the spouse responds and does not like even one part of the complaint, you go into a temporary hearing. This is where things get complicated, in which case both sides need divorce lawyers in Utah to help them out.

Step-by-step Misting Fan Checking Guide

March 28th, 2014

Misting fans have different features but with the same purpose, understandably, because manufacturers try to outdo one another by offering something more unique and efficient in the market that competitors might not have. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, getting the job done is still the main point of spending bigger money for a more effective cooling appliance than an ordinary cooling fan.

Price and design wow a lot of people, but if you are a really smart and practical consumer, you will actually check your pick like test driving a car of your choice. Here are the steps of how to check a misting fan.

1. Look at the design

That is obvious, right? Quality and design go hand-in-hand. If you do not like what you see, go look for something else. You will surely find a design that suits your taste and style. A design that looks shabbily built will most likely deliver a performance as bad as you see it.

2. Feel the material

Low-grade plastic and metal have different textures; they feel hollow, thin, brittle and less solid. By touching the actual motor case, air filter, blades and base, you will know what feels good and what feels cheap.

The motor case and base of the misting fan should not look loose to keep insects, dust and moisture out. Check if the gasket is there and is perfectly fit. The fan blades, if made of plastic, should not look pliant to stay in shape even when always used at the fastest rotation. Lastly, the control buttons and handles should be comfortable to use.

3. Feel the breeze

Before turning the water pressure on, test it first with just the fan blades spinning. The minimum speed should produce cool breeze but not too strong while the maximum speed should feel powerful but not enough to cause irregular shaking. You will know what breeze satisfies you.

4. Listen to the sound

If the rotation of the blades sounds too loud for you, then, that might mean that the built of the fan is not strong enough. If the humming of the motor is unusual, that might imply that the motor is not in perfect shape or is overworking and can lead to faster overheating.

Be very particular with the sound it produces, especially if you intend to use it in the bedroom.

5. Test the spray

After having tested the breeze, test it again but with the spray on. Go in front of the misting fan at least a yard away to test if you feel any wetness in your face and skin. If there are no signs of wetness, that means the nozzle is excellent and the water pressure is perfect. Dripping near the nozzle is bad news.

If the particular model you are checking has adjustable water sprayer, test it at its maximum water pressure. It is possible that it stays cool yet dry at minimal pressure but wets when used at its max.

6. Check the water supply

Does the misting fan have a water tank or does it use a hose. If it is a tank, it should have an at least 11-liter capacity and should be easy to fill up. If it is a hose, it should be long enough to be a decent fit for your water source.

Live Chat Agents and the Roles They Play

September 23rd, 2013

There is more than meets the eye to live chat agents. They are not just people who are attached to their computers and research for answers to the queries thrown their way. Most people have this limited concept that these chat agents are just there to provide customer support and while this is true to an extent, there are also other roles that that they play.

1. Problem Solvers

Of course, the main thing that chat agents are expected to do is to provide solutions to a customer?s problem. Whether it is a manual query or a technical one, chat agents are required to help in any way possible. To ease the confusion and anxiety of customers, these chat agents are trained to resolve as many problems as possible. To provide a holistic approach to their roles as customer support representatives, they are also trained to communicate with their customers in a pleasant matter with reassuring words and the much-needed assurance that there is an answer to the latter?s difficulties. Aides and troubleshooters, these chat agents are known to deliver both results and relief to their customers.

2. Informants

There are a lot of people who go to a website and contact a live chat agent for the simple reason that they would like to be informed of the certain product or service that such a site offers. These potential customers are assisted by the live chat agents by giving them the honest and correct information about their queries, concerns, and other matters. Trivial matters are sometimes included in the possible queries. Hence, it is very important for chat agents to be extra patient because there will be conversations wherein the material asked of them, if not too difficult, can be too random, too easy or too simple, or most likely, too many. However, with the proper training provided to them, giving out information will just be a walk in the park for them.

3. Marketers

As stated earlier, curious web goers tend to ask live chat agents for information about the product or service presented in the website. One indicator that a live chat agent successfully provided the information asked from him is when such an inquirer proceeded to make a purchase. By providing info to the inquisitive person, he is in some way selling the brand; by giving the answers to the queries, a chat agent is subtly giving hints about how strong or how good is the product or service he is representing. Aside from being knowledgeable of their brand, these chat agents are also known to be accommodating and convincing. The question of ?How is a computer supposed to work?? can easily be answered by the chat agent by: ?It is easily operated by a working system?and with our brand, the process becomes much easier.? Little does this inquirer know he has been persuaded to purchase the product! When it comes to combining direct information with indirect promotion, these chat agents do it best.

Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Your Dehumidifier

June 3rd, 2013

Damp air is musty and uncomfortable. It leaves our skin sticky and damp, and it does the same to our floors, carpets, wall paints and appliances. It favors the growth and propagation of fungi such as molds, as well as pests like cockroaches and termites. Too much moisture in our homes disintegrates wood and textiles, and can even cause sickness and allergies.

Using dehumidifiers to control the humidity inside the house is very important, because it does not just to protect our homes but also our family.

So it?s a must that we know even the basic steps on how to troubleshoot the problems we encounter with our dehumidifier. Why should we have to waste money and time while waiting for a technician, when we can fix it ourselves? Here are some simple tips:

1. The dehumidifier suddenly stops and will not start.

First of all, check the outlet. Try connecting other device or appliance to the outlet, to check if it?s working well. If it does, look at the plug and cord of your dehumidifier, it may be damaged or faulty. Faulty plug and/or cord must be replaced immediately to avoid any accidents or future electric problems.

If this does not work, open the cover of your dehumidifier, and look inside. Check the internal parts of the dehumidifier thoroughly. There might be excessive ice build ups, scaling and accumulated dirt in the coils. This can block air flow, and consequently halt the operation of the dehumidifier. Remove dirt or dust by manual cleaning. If there are ice build ups, leave the cover open for a time to allow melting.

For scaling, it?s best to consult a technician especially if the scales are too thick. Otherwise, you can try stripping it off with a clean rag. Never use a sharp, pointed object to remove scaling; you can do more damage than good to your dehumidifier. Check also the bearings and screws inside the dehumidifier. They may need some oiling for smoother running.

Another possible reason is that the drip bucket is already full. If the overflow cut-off switch is working well, then the dehumidifier stopped due to full bucket. Empty the bucket immediately to avoid spillage and accidents like electric shock. After attaching the bucket, restart the dehumidifier again to check if it?s already working.

Always remember to check the automatic sensors in your dehumidifier. You may have forgotten that the dehumidifier automatically turns off once your specified settings for temperature and humidity is reached. For these instances, your dehumidifier is working well so you don?t have to worry too much.

2. The drip bucket is running oddly. Either it fills too slow or too fast.
Better check your humidistat. You probably have set it too high or too low. Just fix the settings and you?re good to go. If still doesn?t work and the bucket still remain empty, check the inside of the dehumidifier. Something might be blocking the dehumidification process, like ice or dirt.

Moreover, you should also check for any rich source of moisture near the dehumidifier, especially if the bucket fills too fast. Remember that this scenario can decrease the efficiency of your dehumidifier, as well as waste the electric consumption.

3. The dehumidifier is just like my mood. Sometimes it?s okay, sometimes it?s not.
Check the sensors if they?re functioning well. Use volt-ohm meter to check them. Replace immediately if damaged.

4. If all else fails, contact a technician immediately!

What you Need to Know about Oracle Implementation

April 25th, 2013

For a business to be highly productive, the owners must look for the most efficient and cost effective ways of operation. Different solutions are available in the market to help businesses achieve this goal. One of them is Oracle implementation. These are a wide range of solutions that help businesses in data and information management. You can implement the solutions for your business if you want to improve efficiency without incurring much cost.

Oracle implementation is a complex process that requires expertise. For a business to fully benefit from the solution, the implementation has to be done well. Therefore if you are considering these solutions for your business, the first thing you should do is to look for an expert that specializes in this field. An expert will know the strategies in implementation so as to ensure that the system functions as per the needs of your company.

Oracle implementation is different for every business. The solutions have to be customized to meet the needs of the individual business. When you hire an expert they will know how to customize the solutions depending on the scope of your business. They will do the implementation well without affecting or damaging your business operations. When done by an expert, the process is usually very fast and thus it does not affect the business operation to a great extent.

Oracle implementation is done for either hosted services or in house managed system. Hosted services are where you hire a third party to manage your systems. For in-house system, the whole thing is managed from within the organization. Hosted services are advantageous because they are less costly and more convenient. The hosting company provides 24/7 watch over your systems thus ensuring that your operations are not paralyzed.

Oracle implementation is thus a complex process best done by experts. Other than implementation, companies offer other services such as support, consulting and management of the system. They will take you through the process of planning then implement and manage the solutions on your behalf.  You can hire a company on a long term contract to implement and manage your systems for you. They usually implement the solutions very fast thus ensuring that you start enjoying the benefits immediately. Thus if you want your business to be very productive, you should consider investing in such solutions and then hiring experts to do the work for you.

How to Establish a Remote Desktop Connection

April 24th, 2013

It is often necessary to connect to other computers remotely. This will help you manage your business since you will always know what is happening by observing what is going on with the computers you have connected to and it will help with training. You could connect to your home computer if you have kids, pets, or elderly persons who are being taken care of. So, how do you go about establishing such a connection?

The first step in establishing a remote desktop connection is buying a remote access software program. There are software programs that are free-ware, but these usually have limited features. These software programs come with different features and you should choose based on your particular needs. Some vendors offer the software for download while others ship it to you.

Once you have gotten the software, install it on your computer (client) and the computer/s you will be controlling (server/s). The servers will have passwords to protect the integrity of their data.

You will need an Internet connection for the connection. It is important that you note that this connection has to be reestablished whenever it is broken through such things as restarting.

Most of the software programs in the market today are meant for Windows operating system. It is important that you note the specific system requirements because what works for Windows 7 might not work for Windows ME. If one of the computers runs on Mac OS X, you will have to find a software program that is cross-compatible between the two operating systems.

Connect to the Internet and simply run the software on your end to start the remote desktop connection. Next, choose the person you want to connect to if you have several people on your list. Note that the person on the other end has to be connected to the Internet too and he/she has to be physically in front of the computer. Click on the relevant icon to invite the person and he/she will agree by typing in the password. You will also be required to type in the password for the connection to be made.
Ensure that both parties have a strong Internet connection for the remote desktop connection to take place. Once you have established the connection, you will be able to take full control of the computer, including of the input devices and the display. You will be able view all the data therein and to even make installations.